Pinterest provides more traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn

This at least according to the study by Shareaholic, the startup test Pinter not only becomes more popular their opinion, but a true Traffic Generator is. As the study shows, the traffic generated by the users is more traffic than the YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ networks.

Pinterest , a relatively new pictures Bookmark service , enjoys not only with the users become increasingly popular. Publishers are also more interested in the service, which according to the study generates a lot of traffic for their own pages. As Shareaholic , a provider of tools to disseminate links in social networks, noted in his study, Pinter test reaches the outgoing traffic level of Twitter and Google and even surpasses that of YouTube , LinkedIn and Google+.

Following the Referral Traffic Report of January 2012 (Source:

Referral source Percentage of total Referral Traffics from December Percentage of total Referral Traffics from January
Facebook 25.6% 26.4%
StumbleUpon 5.07% 6.5%
Google 3.69% 3.62%
Twitter 3.62% 3.61%
Pinterest 2.5% 3.6%
YouTube 0.98% 1.05%
Reddit 1.13% 0.83%
Google+ 0.24% 0.22%
LinkedIn 0.18% 0.2%
Myspace 0.01% 0.01%

For the traffic report data were analyzed from more than 200,000 publishers, which may have at least 260 million unique visitors per month. With a share of 3.6 percent, Pinterest is already in the fifth place, just behind Google with 3.62 percent and Twitter with 3.61 percent. The undisputed leader of the ranking is Facebook with a share of 26.4 percent, far behind closely followed StumbleUpon 5.07 percent. Comparing data with figures from December 2011, it is clear that Pinterest is following a strong uptrend. The share rose from 2.5 to 3.6 per cent in just one month, but Facebook could see a bigger growth.