Know more about Email verification

Email verification is a process in which validation and verification of email addresses are done. If you have an idea about the email marketing or you are an email marketer, then you will understand how wasteful it is to send emails to invalid addresses.

You can look for email verification services on Google if you want to want to perform email verification process from professionals.

Email verification

Verification of emails is very important. This kind of verification is of two types:

  •    Retrospective verification

In this process, addresses that exist already in your business databases are checked so as to ensure that they are still valid.

With the help of third-party processors and various technologies, it becomes an easier task to identify dead or closed email accounts without sending an email to that addresses.

  •    Pre-emptive verification

This process is used to check whether addresses are valid or not by entering into the system that stores or uses email addresses. This process is found very effective for business owners, especially those who want to check the entries of their staff members or customers, whether if they are relevant or not?

Benefits of email verification

The success of email marketing relies on email verification process.

Some benefits of email verification are:

  •    With the use of email verification process, you can save money on email delivery fees, as the size of the list will be decreased to only the relevant and valid addresses.

Benefits of Email-verification

There is no need for you to pay an extra fee to send messages to faulty emails.

  •    The verification process will help you to save from problems related to email service providers who are serious about bounced email thresholds.

  •    Email verification process will protect you from spam traps ISPs  recycles expired accounts in order to do spam trapping, and then you can be blacklisted easily if you still contain such addresses within your email list. Therefore proper verification will protect you from such problems. if you are keen to learn more on email verification then you can see here.