Google Trends – effective trend and keyword analysis

Every author or blog operator faces the same problem sooner or later. What should you write next? Owners of onlineshops ask themselves which products are particularly in demand. Such information is wishing everyone, very few people know, however, that Google, the largest search engine in the world , the information is available completely free. With the help of Google, it is possible, among other things, to compare search terms or entire Internet pages with one another. So you can find out which keyword or which side was searched on Google.

Now the search giant Google offers many free tools to for my website. This allows you to monitor and control the traffic on your own website or to manage the application. Potential customers can through targeted Adwords campaign guide on my website and inform them of there great deals and services. In order not to generate useless traffic, but only to reach the visitor target group, have the right keywords , which must be selected in advance, to be used in the Adwords campaign.

Google already offers numerous tools, such as the  External Keyword Tool  to. This displays the monthly or average search volume for specific search terms. Professional search engine optimizers, however, rely on their own programs, which are even more detailed and deliver better results. An equally popular Google tool is  Google Trends . The most searched terms are displayed in a ranking in real time. Google Insight goes one step further. Here you can select restrictions by region. The search volume can then be viewed in a historical time sequence.

Google Trends Example

What the world is moving, exactly, every operator of websites and blogs wants to convert the information into money. Google Trends is the crystal ball of each operator’s website and allows that the development of a search volume for a variety of terms to perform. Nevertheless, it is important when evaluating care, because some keywords can have multiple meanings that can not be distinguished from Google. Google Trends is typically suitable for names, trends, techniques, and product names.

The reliability of Google Trends

Anyone running an OnSite optimization, and a keyword search for a website, will sooner or later have to think about the order of multiphase keywords. This can be important for many things. So there is a big difference when you write the keywords in the title in one direction or the other. Although the Google tools are considered relatively reliable, they fail among other things with Proximity comparisons. Multi-phantom keywords must also be covered more and more often, since they are used more often two- or even three-phase search terms. For example, if you enter “Apple iPad” or “iPad Apple” into Google, the search engine provides quite different results. If the keyword pairs entered Trends in Google, are obtained for both the same search volume . Of course this can not be true.