Considering High School Study Abroad Programs

While studying abroad is common for many college students, high school study abroad programs are also available. These programs can help high school students get an early start on their college careers, assist with language proficiency, and prepare a high school student for living and working in an increasingly multicultural world.

By studying abroad, high school students will find themselves put in a position of long-term separation from family. You can also join the global high school programs to experience with each lesson designed to inspire real education in the locations we visit.

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Although high school students will be living and working under supervision, they will find themselves making many decisions on their own. This can help equip the student with those virtues of decision-making and self-sufficiency that will be needed in college and beyond.

Secondly, study abroad programs expose the student to a foreign culture and language. This can be a vital step for a student who is thinking of a later career in a field that requires proficiency in a foreign language or has regular interaction with foreign citizens.

This is especially important given the increasingly multi-cultural nature of both the United States and most major domestic and foreign businesses. By living with a host family, the student will also have a direct and personal connection with another nation's people, one that will endure long after they have returned home.