Consider bringing these items along while Traveling to Indonesia


If you ask a regular traveler who has been to most of the places in the world, he or she will hold high regards to Indonesia. Visiting Indonesia is a joy for many travelers due to the things it has to offer to all tourists. However, when it comes to packing one need to do a little research. If this is your first-time traveling to Indonesia, then these are handy items to include inside your luggage.

  1. A Scarf – This is usually directed to women. A scarf is a very handy item when it comes to keeping cash, passports and other important documents while traveling. Moreover, a scarf is also required to be worn in order to cover the shoulders while witnessing religious places.
  2. Camera – Not including a camera is going to make your trip boring and sad. A camera is what you are going to require while traveling to Indonesia in order to capture some of the best moments. Make sure you carry a waterproof in case you’ve decided to hit the waters.
  3. Sunscreen –Indonesia’s weather is similar to other popular destinations where it is warm and humid for most of the year. Get yourself a good sunscreen with SPF above 15 in order to protect your skin from getting sunburns.
  4. Sleeping Pills – For few travelers, they are bound to travel long hours of flight just to get to Indonesia. And this leads to feeling jet-lagged which is known to cause disturbance in someone’s sleep cycle. In order to avoid feeling jet-lagged, include a sleeping pills prescribed by your doctor before traveling.

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