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Google Trends – effective trend and keyword analysis

Every author or blog operator faces the same problem sooner or later. What should you write next? Owners of onlineshops ask themselves which products are particularly in demand. Such information is wishing everyone, very few people know, however, that Google, the largest search engine in the world , the information is available completely free. With the help of Google, it is possible, among other things, to compare search terms or entire Internet pages with one another. So you can find out which keyword or which side was searched on Google.

Now the search giant Google offers many free tools to for my website. This allows you to monitor and control the traffic on your own website or to manage the application. Potential customers can through targeted Adwords campaign guide on my website and inform them of there great deals and services. In order not to generate useless traffic, but only to reach the visitor target group, have the right keywords , which must be selected in advance, to be used in the Adwords campaign.

Google already offers numerous tools, such as the  External Keyword Tool  to. This displays the monthly or average search volume for specific search terms. Professional search engine optimizers, however, rely on their own programs, which are even more detailed and deliver better results. An equally popular Google tool is  Google Trends . The most searched terms are displayed in a ranking in real time. Google Insight goes one step further. Here you can select restrictions by region. The search volume can then be viewed in a historical time sequence.

Google Trends Example

What the world is moving, exactly, every operator of websites and blogs wants to convert the information into money. Google Trends is the crystal ball of each operator’s website and allows that the development of a search volume for a variety of terms to perform. Nevertheless, it is important when evaluating care, because some keywords can have multiple meanings that can not be distinguished from Google. Google Trends is typically suitable for names, trends, techniques, and product names.

The reliability of Google Trends

Anyone running an OnSite optimization, and a keyword search for a website, will sooner or later have to think about the order of multiphase keywords. This can be important for many things. So there is a big difference when you write the keywords in the title in one direction or the other. Although the Google tools are considered relatively reliable, they fail among other things with Proximity comparisons. Multi-phantom keywords must also be covered more and more often, since they are used more often two- or even three-phase search terms. For example, if you enter “Apple iPad” or “iPad Apple” into Google, the search engine provides quite different results. If the keyword pairs entered Trends in Google, are obtained for both the same search volume . Of course this can not be true.


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Pinterest provides more traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn

This at least according to the study by Shareaholic, the startup test Pinter not only becomes more popular their opinion, but a true Traffic Generator is. As the study shows, the traffic generated by the users is more traffic than the YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ networks.

Pinterest , a relatively new pictures Bookmark service , enjoys not only with the users become increasingly popular. Publishers are also more interested in the service, which according to the study generates a lot of traffic for their own pages. As Shareaholic , a provider of tools to disseminate links in social networks, noted in his study, Pinter test reaches the outgoing traffic level of Twitter and Google and even surpasses that of YouTube , LinkedIn and Google+.

Following the Referral Traffic Report of January 2012 (Source:

Referral source Percentage of total Referral Traffics from December Percentage of total Referral Traffics from January
Facebook 25.6% 26.4%
StumbleUpon 5.07% 6.5%
Google 3.69% 3.62%
Twitter 3.62% 3.61%
Pinterest 2.5% 3.6%
YouTube 0.98% 1.05%
Reddit 1.13% 0.83%
Google+ 0.24% 0.22%
LinkedIn 0.18% 0.2%
Myspace 0.01% 0.01%

For the traffic report data were analyzed from more than 200,000 publishers, which may have at least 260 million unique visitors per month. With a share of 3.6 percent, Pinterest is already in the fifth place, just behind Google with 3.62 percent and Twitter with 3.61 percent. The undisputed leader of the ranking is Facebook with a share of 26.4 percent, far behind closely followed StumbleUpon 5.07 percent. Comparing data with figures from December 2011, it is clear that Pinterest is following a strong uptrend. The share rose from 2.5 to 3.6 per cent in just one month, but Facebook could see a bigger growth.


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Achieve profits with affiliate marketing

Nowadays most people put a web page on the web, because they want to make money with it. Even bloggers, who just present their thoughts to the world for the fun, come to the taste and write for money. The affiliate marketing is now operated by virtually any website and is the number one source of income with which numerous blogs, portals and other websites finance.

The affiliate program was first initiated by Amazon in the USA. Amazon offers its partner program to any company that wants to promote the products on its website. A sale is a certain commission paid. From the ICH-AG to the international company, everyone is now using affiliate marketing and thus expanding its business ever further.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a sales solution where commercial providers offer their sales partners success-oriented or pay a flat rate with a commission. The pioneer of affiliate marketing was Amazon, which has worldwide more than 1,000,000 online partners today. In principle, every company would naturally like to bring its products and services to the respective target group. There are numerous methods for this and usually you do not get around the advertising.

After all, thousands of companies want to sell their products today. The internet has the perfect conditions for affiliate marketing. The online shopping allows each customer quickly and conveniently shop. Whether you do this via a bargain blog or directly at the dealer is no preference to most customers. However, if a sales agent were to advertise products before the doorstep, the success would be rather hopeless.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

The success model has become well-known and is now used by thousands of websites. Web page and blog operators build specific links into their websites and receive a commission when someone buys a product through this link. The most popular example is Amazon. The company can register for free as an affiliate and generate specific affiliate links for individual products or categories. As an affiliate, you do not sell yourself, but mediate buyer to the dealer.

Theoretically one could thus apply hundreds of products without financial risk and collect the commissions. These are, of course, not as high as selling the products themselves, but it is still worth it. The affiliate partners provide practically all possible advertising resources available to promote the products better. Beginning with advertising banners, search boxes to elaborate Flashanimationen everything is thereby. Each click on one of the advertisements triggers a tracking code, which can be unambiguously identified at the partner and is often valid for several days or months.

The different commission models

There are 6 different types of online partner programs. “Pay per Sale” is the best known way of paying a commission.

Pay per Sale : Customers are mediated through affiliate links directly to the dealers in this process. A cookie ensures that the commission can be assigned to the partner. Depending on the affiliate partner, the cookie is often valid for 30 to 60 days. Should the customer return at a later date and order again, the commission will also be distributed.

Pay per Click  can be compared very well with Google AdSense. Here you get a commission for every click on an affiliate link. The prices per click are, however, very low, so you have to accumulate thousands of clicks, so that it is worthwhile at all.

The form of compensation  pay per lead  is very popular and is often used in insurance. Compared to Pay per Sale you get already a commission, when the customer contacts the dealer.

The remuneration for  Pay per SignUp  occurs when, for example, someone logs on to an online game. Here too, the remuneration is mostly low, but it is worthwhile with many registrations.

Pay per View is the classic accounting for certain Bannerviews. If, for example, a banner is viewed 1,000 times, the website operator has a certain commission.

Some partner programs pay their commissions not only once, but over a long period of time. These are  Lifetime called and offered by traders of subscriptions. For example, if a customer buys a server, the agent receives his commission every month as long as the customer rents the server.

For whom is Affiliate Marketing interesting?

The affiliate marketing is not suitable for every operator of websites and blogs. There are of course many other ways to earn money, such as through paid content, Google AdSense, or the sale of advertising space. However, if you generate a lot of traffic on its website and the appropriate affiliate links offering, which can earn well. One US survey from 2009 According earned only 17 percent more than $ 20,000. The majority, 46 percent, earned a maximum of 500 dollars. In conclusion, the affiliate marketing is not a self-running. However, if you test and optimize your website sufficiently, you can also increase your revenue.